Our Carpet Cleaning Process:

We use the very best thorough and tested process to ensure that we bring new life back into every carpet we clean, removing spots and stains and getting out dirt, dust and allergens that are hidden deep within the fibers.

Our Carpet Cleaning  Process:

1- Pre- Inspection

Our professional carpet cleaning service starts by walking the room and looking for spots, stains, and signs of wear. We always walk with the client to ensure they know what condition their carpet is in and what we have to do to get it looking its best.

2- Vacuuming

Then we get rid of all dry soil by vacuuming. This not only makes the rest of the cleaning process easier, but it ensures no harmful friction is caused as we clean.

3- Removing Furniture

Please remove any valuable or easily breakable items from the area. Our team will be happy to assist in the moving of things that are easy to move such as chairs and sofas. Heavy and fixed items of course we are unable to move.

4- Pre-conditioning Spray

We apply a conditioning agent that helps to break apart some of the tougher stains and dirt.

5- Spot Removal

We treat all the most difficult stains with specialist solutions which are tailored made for different types of stains.

6- Agitate the carpet fibers

Next, we’ll groom the carpet with our powerful grooming tool. We may use a rotary machine if there is enough soil in the carpet to warrant it. This breaks up the soil and makes it easier to get rid of.

7- Extracting Soil and Rinsing

We then spray hot water onto the carpet, flushing the pile with our truck mounted hose. We will carefully monitor the volume and pressure of the water to ensure the carpet is not getting too wet.

8- Neutralizing

The rinse that we use will leave your carpets in a PH neutral position. This is where experience and quality cleaning agents make the difference. There will be no residue left on the carpets after they dry.

9- Treating the Remaining Spots

There may be some spots left over that we could not get out through the previous parts of the cleaning process. Those will be treated specially at this point to try to remove them. However, there may be some that are permanent and we may be unable to remove them.  Dye from curry stains on a white wool carpet is one example. We will identify those for you.

10- Reset the pile

The carpets will be groomed with a pile rake. This also makes the carpet dry faster.

11- Drying

We have portable air blowers will reduce the drying time of your carpets to under 30 minutes.

12- Inspecting

Finally, we will walk with you to show you how your carpet has been rejuvenated and to ensure you are happy with the work we’ve done. Let us know if you have any problems with our carpet cleaning because we want you to be satisfied.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do You Charge?

This totally depends on how many carpets or areas and the amount of soling. The more you have cleaned generally the greater value it will be.

Do You Guarantee Stain Removal?

No professional carpet cleaner should ever guarantee 100% stain removal because of all the variables. However what we can guarantee is if we can’t remove it than no one can.

How Long Does it Take to Dry?

Air circulation is the fastest way to dry your carpets. You can walk on them straight away. Man made fibres can be dry in a couple of hours. Wool carpets can take a lot longer on average several hours.


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