You may have the option to go with either wet or dry carpet cleaning for your home, but which one is better? Most people don’t know much about these two cleaning methods and how they differ, so we will examine them for you to help you make an informed decision.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This conventional method involves the application of chemicals to a carpet to help remove stains and clinging particles. It can do a decent job at getting rid of things you wouldn’t want in your carpet, but the biggest advantage to using this method is how quick it is. There is no downtime to let the carpet dry out, and there is no chance that the carpet will trap soap and water and start to develop mould or begin rotting.

wet vs dry carpet cleaning

Wet Carpet Cleaning

You may know this as steam cleaning, since steam comes out of the cleaning machine as it works its way across the carpet. This process involves spraying carpet with hot, soapy water and then extracting it back through a hose. If done correctly, the water will be completely removed. Though the carpet may still be damp, there will be no standing water remaining.

Which Is Better?

So, that was a quick look at your two choices. Now, which one is the better one to go with? Well, dry cleaning may be cheaper and faster sometimes, and it will let you get your carpet back in less time. However, wet carpet cleaning gives you a more thorough cleaning.

That’s because it works better to loosen the particles that are ingrained and hanging onto your carpet fibres. It washes straight through them and forces them out of the carpet. It is also better at getting up stains, particularly very tough ones. If you have stubborn stains in your carpet, then wet cleaning is the best way to go.

Believe it or not carpet cleaning done correctly can eradicate all kinds of allergens and  creepy crawlies, with the exception of maybe wolf spiders 🙂

You may have to deal with some inconvenience with the wet method, as the carpet can take a while to dry up, but you will be left with a better-looking carpet and one that is going to give you a healthier and cleaner environment. There won’t be any particles or allergens left inside, which means that you will be able to breathe easier. Your carpet will also look reinvigorated, smelling fresh and looking like you just brought it home from the carpet store. There is no doubt about it- if you want a truly clean carpet, you must go with the wet method. According to expert & professional Dean Davis, extraction could get rid of up to 99% of bacteria and germs.